The Old Gods

“When the New Gods seduced us with power, almost we were unmade in the Holocaust. Now, we have returned to the Old Gods, who watch and ward us.”

The Old Gods are the seven deities currently worshipped in Enclave.

They are:

  1. Radall (RAH-dul), the Lord of Light, God of Fire. Radall’s chariot is the sun. He is depicted variously as a pale-skinned youth wearing the morning star across his forehead; as a tall and lean man in his prime, golden-skinned and wearing a shining golden crown; or as a wise old man, unremarkable except for his eyes – one a warm orange, and the other a soft magenta. Symbol: A sun disc.
  2. Miena (MEE-en-uh), Queen of the Night, Goddess of Life and Death. Her influence is felt in the waxing and waning of the moon. She is motherly and associated with fertility when the moon is full, while at the new moon she is associated with death as she appears as a striking spectre. Symbol: A half-moon disc.
  3. Vaden (VAY-din), Rivermaster, God of Water. Symbol: A teardrop.
  4. Vendra (VEN-druh), the Tempest, Goddess of the Winds. Symbol: A lightning bolt.
  5. Stein (ST/I/N), the Bearer, God of Stone and Metals. Symbol: A stone or metal column.
  6. Kavaedi (kuh-VAY-dee), the Songstress, Goddess of Music. Symbol: A harp or panpipes.
  7. Ermis (AIR-mis), the Scribe, God of Knowledge. Symbol: A scroll.

The Old Gods

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